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More Skateboarding >> Matt Bromley of GNARBUNGA sent us this footage of Questions, Jake, Paul, Matt Tom and friends Shredding saffron walden. Matt, who designed these NGU ‘No Fucking Snaking’ stickers for Lovenskate won himself a prize form Mpora for this edit. STOKED!

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Inside Lovenskate.

Last week , Craig and his mate John came over to the studio to do some filming for a portfolio project to seccure Craig a place at University. He made this short film about us and I’m really stoked on it. Thanks a lot Craig!!! Lovenskate from Craig Jackson on Vimeo. You can see more […]

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Lucy Adams just sent me this picture of her computer screen. I couldn’t agree more. If you have any photos of “SKATEBOARDING IS WAY BETTER THAN THIS” stickers, send em in, we’ll get em up on the blog, and the best one will win a t-shirt.

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Dead End Trade Show.

This will be our first ever trade show. If you are in the area, or are making your way up to see any other product, make sure you come along to central for a cuppa and to see all the new Lovenskate products.

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He runs Antiz Skateboards of Lyon France, the greatest Euro company of them all!!!! He is pure metal!! and he can skateboard a bit too. Check out this video French made of our trip tp Playstation with Hugo, Danger Dave and T-BO from YAMA Skateboards. You can see more of Frenchs videos on the Funeral […]

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Skateboarding is Way Better Than This…

When i was 16, i quit working at Burger King, spent my last wages on a full set-up from Surf Shack, and went to the Maidstone Law Courts to try and copy local legend tech ripper, Russel Haffner doing nose wheelies. I’m 32 now, and Russ lives in Japan with his Misses, but some things […]

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