by Stu Lovenskate on June 7, 2010

I got an email from our Northern Representative Liam Sproat the other day. After moving to Barcelona for a course in teaching Spanish, out tri-lingual team mate Liam has got himself a job working on the heart of the city filling his brain with Espaniol at The Hard Rock Cafe, and filling every spare moment learning Portuguese and getting tech at Parallel. He had this to say for himself,

“Yo Stu how’s it going,

Got your message today! Well stoked! WORD! Went to bikram yoga before work today, oh my days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did some crazy stretching fo sure!

But aye, to answer your question….Obviously things are rad!!!!! (and I reckon I am down for a 8.25 cheers! ) Oh aye and yeah, they’ve undownloaded BigBird’s video of me and avi at the HOUSE SKATEPARK (which should be down as one of my other sponsors ont profile like!!! hahaha!! Gotta rep it where it counts bloodclat na’ mean!!!!) but yeah rubbish!!! Bloody MPORA eh!? How many adverts! hahahah!

But aye anyway, here’s that photo and another one of my new guitar!!! Banging! hahaha! In a metaphysical sense! Obviously!

Hope things are rad with you too!  Give us a shout whenever! Tomorrow! haaha! Don’t worry I’ll read it! haha!

Night Night and Jah Bless

PS. Dont forget about that special Tshirt with that special writing!! ahha! Oh yeah, can I be cheeky and ask for loads of stickers!!?? haha! It’s just I left all of mine at me mum and dads! Like a dick!!!! hahahaha!


Liam, glad to hear you’re doing well mate, there is a board on it’s way to you, with loads of stickers!

Check out  Liam’s video part from the Unibomber Vid – ‘Urbane Mob’.

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